Progress update

Today was not nearly as productive as I’d hoped, but what I got done was satisfactory. I finished up the project walk-through portion of my paper, refactored some other parts to match it, and did a major overhaul of documentation and user interface styling on the app. The reason I did not get as much done as I’d hoped is twofold: First I wrestled for hours fixing a bug that prevented me from generating a release build of the app (which I discovered while writing up the project walk-through). Later, after hours of work commenting and prettifying the UI of the app, my computer ran it’s daily auto-backup. I have two internal drives. One is the main drive that I work off of, the other is the backup. Each day the computer automatically writes any new files from the main drive to the backup drive, and deletes any files from the backup drive that aren’t on the main drive. I was working from the backup drive today because when I rebooted from BootCamp, it chose the wrong hard drive. Lost everything I had worked on for hours in my code… which means I stayed up till now rewriting it all from memory.

Kids… make sure you’re running from the correct drive.

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