New behaviors and module selection functionality

After talking to .5 of my advisers earlier in the week (*waves at Weez*), I intended to get right to work on cleaning up my details and module selection/options UI as well as add some new behaviors. The week did not allow for that. However, I just finished up a 12 hour session of coding during which I got some of that stuff done.

I created a new swimming behavior (creates the illusion that the flocks are swimming, duh). In order to do so I ended up having to rethink how I was applying behaviors that affect the position of visual objects. Previously I was simply changing the value of the objects position from within the behavior, but I found that to be too brute force. It caused problems with flocking calculations. To fix that, I created an offset value on the flock members that I now set, and use that offset in my calculations to more properly handle positional behaviors like the new swimming behavior and the vibration behavior.

I also rewrote some of my module handling code to include the ability for users to enter authentication credentials for modules that need them, and to select local files for modules that can use them. This involved changing my specifications for module interfaces, module definitions (xml), the logic that handles module loading, and the module selection UI. Fun times!

Finally, I tweaked the details interface to be less intrusive by making it a transparent side-docked overlay over the 3D interface instead of a half-screen opaque hog.

A good day all around.

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