Approaching endgame

Mundane business first. Last night I added one new behavior, cleaned up the details definitions for my custom objects, and prettified the details display.

I created a new default behavior called GlowBehavior. This little fella checks the importance of data objects, and if they are greater than 75% “important” it will limn them with a red glow. This was an interesting plugin to write because of how the Papervision3D engine and Flex components interact. Each visual object in a PV3D scene is part of the scenes flex object. This means you can’t apply Flex filters to them directly, unless… There is an option in PV3D to host every visual object in it’s own Flex DisplayContainer. This reduces performance of the engine overall, but allows much greater flexibility when it comes to filters. So it works.

My second task was to finish up the mappings for the Flickr and vCard objects details display. This allows each object to maintain information like filesize, title, creator, address, etc. and then display it in the details drawer.

Finally, I redesigned the details drawer itself to be even more out of the way but still visible, and rearranged how details are displayed inside the drawer.

With that out of the way, we move onto the less mundane business. After meeting with both of my capstone advisers I have received approval to say to myself that I’m done. From this point on, any coding work will simply be cleanup. It’s done! Over the next few weeks (at most a month and a half) I will be finalizing my documentation, writing my final analysis and report, and preparing my final presentation. After that… get my degree! Finally 🙂

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